New to Little Athletics?

The Summer Track & Field Little Athletic year begins in October and runs through to March of the following year. To join you must have turned 5 and the oldest age group is Under 16. You can register at any time during the season.

Registrations are done online with the final step being the attendance at a registration day or club training to complete the process.


Which age group would my child be?

Determine the age group by using the age calculator found here. Proof of age needs to be sighted before your child’s registration is finalised. Birth certificate, passport or health care book is accepted.


Where are the events held?

Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium, 
146 - 156 McDonalds Road; Epping; Victoria 3076

You can see it on Goolge Maps.


What time does the program start?

Mainly Sunday afternoons from 1pm till aproximately 4:30pm.  The full program usually takes around 3 hours to complete, sometimes a little longer.  Please refer to the Centre website and handbook you receive for the program of events. All age groups are appointed Age Group Team Managers and they help athletes move through the program each day of competition.


Does my child need a uniform?

Uniforms are compulsory and are available at registration days from the Club you choose to join. Clubs can confirm the cost of uniform.


What is expected of Parents?

We have all experienced being new at Little Athletics and understand a hesitancy to help.  Please be assured that you do not require experience in athletics to help out. There are several types of duties from setup, to officiating, to pack up. It is a volunteer intensive sport and cannot possibly run without parent involvement. Once you've been on the inside of the track you'll soon see its the best place to view athletics from anyway!

Clubs will generally roster parents on for assisting with the running of events.


Is Training provided?

Training is provided for all athletes in all events by clubs and dedicated coaches. Please refer to our Training page for details.


If you'd like further information about Little Athletics please attend one of our registration days, or contact a committee member directly. The contacts page has the relevant information.