The Centre was originally called the Lalor/ThomastownLittle Athletics Centre. There were two foundation clubs competing after splitting from the Preston/Reservoir Little Athletics Centre in 1980.

They competed at the Partridge Street Reserve in Lalor for two years, then moved to the Alexander Avenue Reserve in Thomastown. 

Much effort was dedicated to improving the facilities, but instead of an upgrade, a grant was provided to construct the Meadowglen International Athletics Track which is our current home. The track has been constructed with the idea that athletes for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006 would train at the facility and to cater for international events should the need arise.

Five clubs moved from the Thomastown Reserve being Epping, Lalor (now Meadowglen/Lalor), Lalor Stars (now Northern Stars), Mill Park/South Morang and Thomastown (now the Tigers). A sixth club has since been founded, Metro.

The Centre celebrated it's 30th anniversary during the 2011/12 season.

We compete at the Meadowglen International Athletic Stadium. McDonalds Road; Epping; Victoria

Our Centre is affiliated with Little Athletics Victoria, which is part of the Australian Little Athletics Association.


The Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium

McDonalds Road; Epping; Victoria